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Mass Moment of Anti-Covid-19 Vaccine Mandatory in Indonesia, Leader Babeh Aldo Breaks into the Ministry of Health Building, This is the Demand

Anti Mandatory Vaccine

Several residents of the People's Alliance to Sue held demonstrations or demonstrations in front of the Ministry of Health Building Thursday (13/1/2022) afternoon.

The period, led by social media activist Babeh Aldo, was chaotic because the crowd forced their way into the Ministry of Health building. After all, the Ministry of Health could not find them.

They also briefly closed a road section on Jalan HR Rasuna Said in front of the Ministry of Health.

The action of closing the road carried out by the mass of action was also ignored by the Ministry of Health, so the mass demonstrations finally broke into the building of the Ministry of Health.

The mob who forced their way in were finally met by several officials from the Ministry of Health and accompanied by the police.

10 representatives finally managed to enter the Ministry of Health building for an open hearing.

Anti Mandatory Vaccine

After sometime later, the representatives finally came out of the Ministry of Health building.

According to Babe Aldo as the leader of the action, the hearings' results did not exist because they were not met by the relevant officials.

Meanwhile, the demonstrators will continue their action to the building to report to the Ministry of Health regarding vaccine corruption and buying and selling of vaccines, as well as to the Metro Jaya police to report IDAI (Indonesian Pediatrician Association) regarding fake news to scare the Indonesian people about the COVID-19 pandemic. 19

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